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Blank pages: Empty spaces full of opportunities (or pitfalls...)

I do art every day. I vowed to draw each day because I know with practice I'll get better. Most of the time I just do a study. I try to learn more about anatomy, or how to define form with a different tool, or maybe to improve my color theory. Each day I sit with the intention of learning from drawing. That is my daily obsession. There's a problem with that though. I'm stuck in my lab making things based on what I think works. That's not really art, that's learning. You can study for tests all day long, but when it comes down to it, the entire reason you are studying is so you can turn that knowledge into something substantial. Experimentation isn't art. Art, as I see it, is putting what you learned out there and letting society judge it. You can take their judgements into consideration or keep on going regardless of their opinions--but either way, that is art. Art isn't an experiment in a box where the person massages and plays with their ideas, building them on to a golden thrones of flowers in a vacuum. Art has to be out there, for the world to see and (the scary part) to judge.

I've been working my ass off for the last 6 years trying to get better. I think I'm ready to start showing my stuff off. I've turned some of those terrifying blank pages full of opportunities and pitfalls into things I want to show to the world. Maybe I'll catch someone's eye and get a job out of it. If I don't, that's okay. I gotta keep doing this. Here's a piece that will be the first of a series I'm working on. It is fan art. I love villains, and the X-Men villains are some of my favorites. Check out my piece, En Sabah Nur. Obviously I do not own the rights to Apocalypse or any of the X-Men. This is just a piece of fan art I made.

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